"Thank you so much for creating the beach painting,  It's so beautiful and looks exactly like the picture I sent to you.  You are such a good painter!  Thank you very much.  I am going to frame it and put it on my desk so I can see it every day." -Sharon Hogan


"I just got the painting that you have sent to me, the painting made my tear out, Amphawa is the place of the memory of me and J.y, thank you very much for made it so amazing I wonder how you can painted it just like you been there too, I am very appreciated. I love it, it will be my favorite painting forever" - Ae Pikul from Thailand


"Andrea, you are so wonderfully talented. Thank you so much for taking on this challenge and succeeding so well." - John and Pat Rogers


"I love the texture effect you did with the painting, the way you captured the light was perfect" Mrs. P


"I've already had 2 compliments on the piece, keep up the good work!" -Randy Miller